Published: 2019-01-02 15:30:00 CET
Klaipedos Nafta
Notification on material event

Regarding the acquisition of own shares of AB Klaipedos nafta

We hereby inform that by the decision of the Board of 9th October 2018, AB Klaipedos nafta, legal entity code 110648893, registered at Buriu st. 19, Klaipeda (hereinafter – the Company), on 2nd January 2019 decided to purchase the ordinary registered shares of AB Klaipedos nafta, par value of which is equal to EUR 0.29 (twenty nine euro cents), consequently total nominal value including the shares already purchased would not exceed 1/10 of the Company’s authorized capital and later provide such shares to its employees. A tender offer will be made to purchase its own shares via the securities market Nasdaq Vilnius AB.

Conditions of the acquisition:

The purpose of share acquisition: the provision of shares to employees.
The beginning of share purchase: 7th January 2019.
The end of share purchase: 25th January 2019.
The maximum number of shares to purchase: 1`463`414.
Total maximal price of shares to be purchased: EUR 600 000,00.
The price of shares to be purchased: EUR 0,41 per unit.

Assignments to sell shares will be accumulated during the whole period of share acquisition. If the supply of shares exceeds the number of the shares to be purchased, then the number of shares to be sold will be reduced proportionally to all sellers of shares.

Chief Financial Officer Jonas Lenkšas, +370 694 80594