Published: 2018-12-21 11:01:24 CET
Latvijas balzams
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CORRECTION: About courts proceedings

The management of AS “Latvijas balzams” informs, that a private persons’ non-material nature claim  was received from the courts in October.
The claim is regarding observance of commercial law procedures, the wording of the announcement on convening a shareholders' meeting, the approval of the annual report, the issue of copies of documents, the recognition of the decision of the shareholders' meeting of JSC "Latvijas Balzams" of 14 June 2018 regarding the approval of the annual report and the use of profit as null and void.
The management of the company does not recognize the claim and emphasizes that it has acted correctly and in compliance with good corporate governance and the requirements of the law.

AS "Latvijas balzams"
Chairman of the Management Board

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