Published: 2018-12-04 10:30:00 CET
Tallink Grupp
Company Announcement

Additional FDR reward program for selected Tallink Silja Oy and Tallink Silja AB employees

AS Tallink Grupp (the “Company” or “Tallink”) announces that the management board of the Company has today approved the additional Company’s Finnish share depositary receipt (“FDR”) reward program whereby those employees of Tallink Silja Oy and Tallink Silja AB, who were part of the original FDR bonus program (announced with 1 November 2018 stock exchange release), but who did not participate in the reward program in accordance with the terms and conditions of the reward program before its expiry, would have an opportunity to obtain the Company’s FDRs.

Each such employee could obtain up to 750 FDRs free of charge provided that the acceptance letter of the respective employee is received by Tallink by 18 December and the employee provides the required information for settlement of the FDRs. Thus, in total 30,750 FDRs can be rewarded to the employees, which corresponds to a total of 34,901.25 euros, calculated as at 30 November 2018 closing price on the Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange.

The aim of the reward program is to facilitate the selected employees’ long-term interest in the development and growth of Tallink, and to increase the Company's investor base in Finland.

The FDRs to be awarded under the reward program will be shares (converted to the Company’s FDRs) that the Company has repurchased from the market within the framework of the share buy-back conditions, approved by the annual general meeting on 9 June 2015 as announced with 1 November 2018 stock exchange release. No new shares or Company’s FDRs will be issued or offered.


Veiko Haavapuu
Financial Director

AS Tallink Grupp
Sadama 5/7
10111 Tallinn, Estonia