Published: 2018-10-09 11:35:01 CEST
Baltic Dairy Board
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Changes - A coupon payment on October 28, 2018

Baltic Dairy Board, Ltd is planning to start production in November 2018, producing specific raw materials for global companies operating in the infant / baby food sector, therefore the payment of the coupon payment on October 28, 2018, according to the prospectus 5.8. would make a hard pressure on company`s cash flow.

It was decided:

1. Do not pay the coupon payment on October 28, 2018;

2. To increase the nominal value of one bond by 28 October 2018 to EUR 1411.58 (one thousand four hundred eleven euros and 58 cents).

         Kaspars Kazāks
         Chairman of the Board
         Phone: + 371 26010072