Published: 2018-08-30 14:55:52 CEST
Admiral Markets
Company Announcement

Admiral Markets: regarding the application for a credit institution licence

In regard to the stock exchange announcement on 29 August 2018 about the application for a credit institution licence and because of public interest, Admiral Markets AS will announce the following.

Application to obtain a credit institution licence is mainly connected to the core activity of Admiral Markets AS - the provision of investment services.

Admiral Markets AS would like to obtain the licence in order to offer, in addition to current investment services, the following services: payment services, deposit transactions by obtaining deposits from the public and loans issuance.

The services that the company intends to provide in the future require a credit institution licence, and therefore the company submitted an application for authorization to the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority.

Thus, once the licence has been issued, Admiral Markets AS will start offering financial services that are largely related to its current activities, that is, offering of provision of investment services to clients. The company wants to provide the services under the licence in European Union countries.

Further information:

Sergei Bogatenkov
CEO of Admiral Markets AS
+372 6 309 300