Published: 2018-07-31 15:15:05 CEST
Changes board/management/auditors

Three new members have joined council of JSC “Grobina”

Dubeni, Grobina parish, Grobina district, LV-3438, Latvia, 2018-07-31 15:15 CEST -- In annual JSC “Grobina” shareholders meeting there was elected new council of the company.

Three new members of the council- Liene Zvagule, Aija Bluma and Dace Obodovska have joined two long term members of the council, Argita Jaunsleine and Evija Jaunsleine.

Liene Zvagule more than three years is member of the board of the company “Gitanas tehniskais nodrosinajums” Ltd., reg. No. 40103191066. Liene Zvagule does not own JSC "Grobina" shares.

Aija Bluma since 2013 is practising as lawyer in IM “A.Jaunsleines juridiskais birojs”, reģ. Nr. 42102033301.  Aija Bluma does not own JSC "Grobina" shares.

Dace Obodovska since March 2016 till May 2018 was actively working in the Ventspils city councils’Center of the Culture as manager of strategic projects of culture. From May 2018 up to now Dace Obodovska is directress of Talsi Folk house. Dace Obodovska does not own JSC "Grobina" shares.