Published: 2018-07-13 08:42:23 CEST
Linas Agro Group
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AB Linas Agro Group signed employee stock option contracts

AB Linas Agro Group, following the Rules for Granting Equity Incentives approved on 1st of June  2018 and acting in accordance with the decision of the General Shareholders Meeting of 1st of June 2018, signed options contracts with employees of AB Linas Agro Group and of the subsidiaries, in which AB Linas Agro Group owns 50 per cent or more of shares, for 4,468,320 ordinary registered shares of AB Linas Agro Group. During the years 2021-2023, according to the procedures and terms established in options contracts employees will be able to exercise the right to acquire the above mentioned number of ordinary registered EUR 0.29 nominal value shares of AB Linas Agro Group with the price of each issue being EUR 0.705 and provided to the employee free of charge under the terms and conditions established by the rules.

The person authorised to provide additional information:
Tomas Tumenas
Finance Director