Published: 2018-07-11 19:00:38 CEST
Arion Bank hf.
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Arion Bank completes commercial papers offering

Today Arion Bank completed an offering of 12-, 6- and 5-month commercial papers. In total, 19 bids were received for the total amount of ISK 3,720 million and offers worth ISK 3,120 million were accepted.

The 5-month series attracted 5 bids totaling ISK 620 million at a flat rate of 4.29% - 4.35%. Bids amounting to ISK 240 million at 4.30% flat rates were accepted.

The 6-month series attracted 12 bids totaling ISK 2,900 million in total at a flat rate of 4.32% - 4.35% Bids amounting to ISK 2,880 million at 4.35% flat rates were accepted.

The 12-month series attracted 2 bid of ISK 200 million at a flat rate of 4.55%-4.59%. No bids were accepted.

The commercial papers are scheduled to be admitted to trading on Nasdaq Iceland 20 July.

For further information please contact Haraldur Gudni Eidsson of Arion Bank's Communications division at, or tel. +354 856 7108