Published: 2018-06-26 13:34:36 CEST
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Regarding the Investor’s Letter of Lietuvos Energija

Lietuvos Energija, UAB, (hereinafter – the Company or Lietuvos Energija) identification code 301844044, registered address at Žvejų St. 14, 09310 Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania.

According to Companies Green Bond Framework, Lietuvos Energija is committed to report to its Green Bonds investors annually. These reports should be audited by an independent auditor. Please get acquainted with the first investor's letter and with the limited assurance of the independent auditor via this weblink:

The first issue of the Green Bonds of Lietuvos Energija group was issued in 2017. At that time, Company borrowed 300 million euros for 10 years under very favourable conditions. Last year, by using these funds, Lietuvos Energija funded investments into wind energy, the increase of efficiency of the electricity distribution network and projects for the generation of energy from waste and biomass.

Lietuvos Energija has committed to use the funds attracted by the Green Bonds only to finance investments into green energy projects. The independent Norwegian Climate Research Institute Cicero and the Swedish Environmental Institute (SEI) has given the Green Bond Framework the darkest shade of green rating.

More information: Laura Šebekienė, Head of Corporate Communications of Lietuvos Energija +370 633 99940,