Published: 2018-06-01 16:20:00 CEST
Linas Agro Group
Notification on material event

Decisions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of ab Linas Agro Group, Held on 1 June 2018

The Extraordinary General Meeting of AB Linas Agro Group (hereinafter – the Company) was held on 1 June 2018.

Decisions of the Meeting:

  1. Withdrawal of the Company‘s Board members.

To withdraw all the members of the Board of the Company, taking into consideration the fact that the members of the Board Artūras Pribušauskas and Vytautas Šidlauskas have resigned from the Board of the Company as from 30 March, 2018.

  1. Election of the Company’s Board members.

To elect the following persons to the Board of the Company for the four-year term:  

1) Andrius Pranckevičius;

2) Arūnas Zubas;

3) Dainius Pilkauskas;

4) Darius Jaloveckas;

5) Darius Zubas;

6) Jonas Bakšys;

7) Tomas Tumėnas.

There are no independent members among candidates.

  1. Approval of the Company’s Rules for shares issue.

1) To approve AB Linas Agro Group Rules For Shares Issue (attached);

2) To authorize the Head of the Company to ensure proper implementation of the Rules for Shares Issue.

Tomas Tumėnas
+370 45 507393


CV_Dainius_Pilkauskas ENG.pdf
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