Published: 2018-05-28 11:34:21 CEST
UPP & CO Kauno 53
Annual report

UPP & CO Kauno 53 OÜ Audited Consolidated Annual Report 2017 (in English)

In its 22.05.2018 announcement, UPP & CO Kauno 53 OÜ forwarded the audited consolidated annual report for 2017, attested with the 18.04.2018 decision by Member of the Board Hallar Loogma.

The audited annual report attached to the announcement was in Estonian. It was mentioned in the announcement that the audited English version is in translation and it shall be forwarded to the Exchange latest by 29.05.2018.

With the present announcement we are releasing the UPP & CO Kauno 53 OÜ audited consolidated 2017 annual report in English.


Hallar Loogma

Member of the Board


AA 2017 UPP & Co Kauno 53 (eng).pdf