Published: 2018-05-24 15:38:02 CEST

Redemption Notice to the Holders of Ørsted A/S €500,000,000 Callable Subordinated Capital Securities Due 3013

Ørsted A/S (Formerly DONG Energy A/S) (“Ørsted”) hereby gives irrevocable notice to the holders of its €500,000,000 Callable Subordinated Capital Securities due 3013 (ISIN: XS0943371194) (the “Capital Securities”) of the redemption of all of the outstanding aggregate principal amount of the Capital Securities pursuant to Condition 6(B) of the Capital Securities.

The Capital Securities will be redeemed on 8 July 2018 (the “Redemption Date”) at their principal amount, together with accrued but unpaid interest from (and including) 8 July 2017 to (but excluding) the Redemption Date, in accordance with the rules and procedures of Euroclear Bank SA/NV and Clearstream Banking, société anonyme.

Accordingly, the listing of the Capital Securities on the Official List of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the admission of the Capital Securities to trading on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s regulated market will be cancelled with effect from the Redemption Date.

For further information, please contact:

Treasury & Risk Management
Allan Bødskov Andersen
Tel +45 9955 9769

Kasper Kiim Jensen
Tel +45 9955 9723