Published: 2018-04-11 17:27:18 CEST

The amended Articles of Association with the increased authorized capital of Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba, AB has been registered

Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba, AB, company code 302648707, registered office address Elektrinės St. 21, Elektrėnai, the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – the Company).

On 11 April 2018, the Register of Legal Entities registered the amended Articles of Association  of the Company recording the increase of the Company’s authorized capital up to EUR 187,920,762.41 (one hundred eighty seven million nine hundred twenty thousand seven hundred sixty two euros and forty one euro cents).

The authorized capital of the Company was increased by an additional non-monetary contribution of Lietuvos Energija, UAB, as the subscriber of shares. Increase of the authorized capital was approved by the Resolution of the general meeting of shareholders of 26 March, 2018.

12,919,014 (twelve million nine hundred nineteen thousand and fourteen) new shares, with the nominal value of EUR 0.29 (twenty nine euro cents) per one share and the issue price of EUR 0.624 (sixty-two and four tenths euro cents) per share, were issued for the purpose of increase of the authorized capital.

Valentas Neviera, Head of Communication Division of Lietuvos energijos gamyba, AB, tel. +370 670 25997, e-mail.


LEG Articles of Association_2018 04 11.pdf