Published: 2018-02-27 08:10:21 CET
Financial Statement Release

JSC HansaMatrix Consolidated Interim Report for Q4 and 12 months of year 2017.

During 12 months of 2017 the Company reported record high sales volume 19.683 million EUR. Company's unaudited consolidated net turnover in Q4 reached 5.126 million EUR, up by 3%; reported EBITDA result was 0.815 million EUR, up by 45% and net profit was 0.333 million EUR, increase by 139% in comparison with period of Q4 2016. During the period of 12 months of 2017 unaudited consolidated net turnover reached 19.683 million EUR, up by 16%; reported EBITDA result was 3.685 million EUR, up by 66% and net profit was 1.527 million EUR, increase by 160% in comparison with 12 months of 2016.

Riga, 2018-02-27 08:10 CET -- During the fourth quarter (“Q4” further in document) of 2017 the Company reported turnover of 5.126 million EUR - increase by 3% in comparison to the same period of 2016. It is well in line with expectations. The 2017 Q4 sales results showed 2% sales volume decrease in comparison with previous quarter – 2017 Q3, reflecting the usual seasonality pattern. During 12 months of 2017 the Company reported sales volume increase by 16% compared to the same period of 2016 and reached record high 19.683 million EUR turnover.

During 2017 Q4 the Company reported quarterly EBITDA result of 0.815 million EUR and quarterly net profit result of 0.333 million EUR. The reported EBITDA result shows 45% increase in comparison with Q4 2016. The quarterly net profit result for 2017 Q4 demonstrates 139% increase in comparison with Q4. Results represent quarterly EBITDA margin of 15.9% and net profit margin of 6.5%.

2017 Q4 results are in line with expectations and represent usual seasonality pattern and slight decrease in figures due to traditional holiday season at the end of year.  2017 Q4 net profit result includes positive one off 0.33 million EUR profit correction caused by taxation law change and one off 0.13 million EUR financial cost caused by refinancing of interest bearing debts from Citadele bank to SEB bank.

During 12 months of 2017 the Company reported record high 12 month EBITDA result of 3.685 million EUR and 12 month net profit result of 1.527 million EUR. The reported EBITDA result shows 66% increase in comparison with 2016 12m period. The net profit results for 2017 12m demonstrate 160% increase in comparison with 2016 12m period. Results represent 12 month EBITDA margin of 18.7% and net profit margin of 7.8%.

Growing levels of 12 month result margins to large extent shall be attributed to increased market demand and ordered volumes of higher margin products that have been manufactured and sold during 12 months of 2017 as well as increased utilization of recently invested new production capacities in production fulfilment.

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Māris Macijevskis
Finance director
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About JSC “HansaMatrix”

HansaMatrix is a fast-growing, high-technology company offering product design, industrialization and complete manufacturing services in data networking, Internet of Things, industrial segments and other services to high added value business segments. In addition to complete manufacturing services of OEM products, the company offers an ODM business model to both start-up and established companies that seek product development partnerships.