Published: 2018-01-12 13:05:00 CET
Silvano Fashion Group
Minutes of extraordinary general meeting

Silvano Fashion Group decisions of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders

The Management Board of AS Silvano Fashion Group, registry code 10175491, registered address Tulika 15/17, 10613 Tallinn, (hereinafter “SFG”) held an Extraordinary General Meeting (hereinafter: “EGM”) of shareholders on 12th of January 2018 at 11:00 (Estonian time) in Nordic Hotel Forum conference hall “Arcturus”, address Viru väljak 3, Tallinn, Estonia. The meeting started at 11:00 and ended at 11:30. The meeting was held in the Estonian language.

Notice convening the meeting was published 20/12/2017 on the website of the Tallinn Stock Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange Information System and Silvano Fashion Group website and 21/12/2017 in the daily newspaper "Eesti Päevaleht".

According to the notice convening the meeting was based on the weighting of votes in the Estonian Central Register of electronic extract from the list of shareholders as of 4 January 2018, at 20:00, and at the start of the meeting the participants registration form. AS Silvano Fashion Group share capital is 10.8 million euros and the total number of shares is 36 000 000, EUR 0.30 per share.

Twenty six (26) shareholders attended the Meeting representing 22 837 926 votes, constituting 63,44% of the voting rights of the company. Thus, the meeting had a quorum.

Resolutions adopted at the meeting:

1. The amendment of the profit distribution decision approved by the Annual General Meeting held on 29th of June 2017 and additional distribution of profit of AS Silvano Fashion Group.

To distribute the profit by paying dividends to the shareholders from the profit of the company based on the approved annual report of 2016 as follows:

1.1. The list of shareholders of AS Silvano Fashion Group entitled to profit distribution shall be fixed on 26th of January 2018 end of day of settlement systems (dividend´s ex-day 25.01.).

1.2. EUR 0.30 per share shall be payable to the entitled shareholders as a dividend at the latest on  29th of January 2018.

Voting results:

In favor:          22 835 466 votes  or 99,99% of the represented votes at the meeting

                        and 63,43% of total share capital

Against:           0 votes or 0,00% of the votes represented at the meeting

                        and 0% of the total share capital

Impartial:        0 votes or 0,00% of the represented votes at the meeting

                        and 0,00% of total share capital

Did not vote:   2 460 votes, or 0,01% of the votes represented at the meeting

                        and 0,01% of the total share capital

The resolutions were adopted at the Meeting following the procedure for passing of resolutions set forth in laws and in the Articles of Association of the Company.

The protocol of the meeting, and related documents shall be made available to investors within 1 (one) week from the Meeting at SFG website

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