Published: 2017-12-31 10:40:08 CET
Latvijas Gāze
Changes board/management/auditors

Latvijas Gāze, JSC: Changes in the Management Board

Due to the reorganisation of the company, Latvijas Gāze is making changes in the composition of the Management Board of Latvijas Gāze. Under the Council resolution, Members of the Board Gints Freibergs and Zane Kotāne shall be recalled from office as of December 31, 2017, with Elita Dreimane appointed as Member of the Board.

Elita Dreimane has been elected in the Board of Latvijas Gāze for a period till August 15, 2018, which is when the term of office expires for the majority of the current Board of Latvijas Gāze. The Board will now be composed of four people instead of five.

Since October 2015 Elita Dreimane has been Board advisor in legal matters and Head of the Legal Division at Latvijas Gāze.

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