Published: 2018-01-03 08:46:51 CET
CBL Asset Management
Company Announcement

On modifying the Prospectus of the investment fund CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund and issuing several classes of investment certificates

CBL Asset Management IPAS (hereinafter - the Company) hereby informs that it has modified the base documents of the CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund (the Fund) effective from 01.01.2018. In accordance with the effected modifications, henceforth the Fund will issue several classes of investment certificates.

After the modifications take effect

  • the name of the Fund’s share certificates issued to date under ISIN code LV0000400828 will be changed to: CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund, R Acc EUR (hedged) Share Class. 
  • as from 02.01.2018, a new class of investment certificates will be issued for public trading: CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund R Acc USD Share Class.

Overall, if necessary, the Fund will be able to create two further additional classes of investment certificates with the following names: CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund R Acc USD Share Class I and CBL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund R Acc EUR (hedged) Share Class I.

The Company will ensure that in the process of managing the Fund with multi-class investment certificates the following principles are complied with: Common Investment Objective, Non-contagion, Pre-determination and Transparency of Information. Consequently, the issue of several classes of the Fund investment certificates will have no effect on the existing investors of the Fund.

The updated Key Investor Information is available on the CBL Asset Management IPAS website: and in the head office premises of CBL Asset Management IPAS at Republikas laukums 2A, Riga, during its office hours.