Published: 2017-12-13 09:00:00 CET
Utenos Trikotazas
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Utenos Trikotažas is Expanding Its Store Network

Utena, Lithuania, 2017-12-13 09:00 CET -- Over the past two years, the number of stores of Utenos Trikotažas, the largest textile company in Central and Eastern Europe, has doubled. The company will start the year 2018 with 15 stores. Four of them were opened in Lithuania in November-December of this year. The store network is being developed mainly on franchise basis.

New stores of Utenos Trikotažas were opened in the last months of 2017 in Mažeikiai, Alytus and Tauragė, however, the most significant recent changes in the company‘s network took place in Kaunas. A year ago, a new store designed according to a new concept was opened in Kaunas’ Mega shopping centre. This December, both a new store in Molas shopping centre and a store on Laisvės alėja, fully reconstructed and redesigned, were opened in the city.

We had seven stores at the end of 2015, and now, after two years, we are glad to invite customers to 15 stores of Utenos Trikotažas. The active store network development started upon renewal of our trademark. We are gradually changing the visual concept of the stores to ensure that it is in line with modern clothing brands’ trends and attractive to customers and to encourage our commercial partners to further expand the network of our brand stores’, says Algirdas Šabūnas, the Managing Director of Utenos Trikotažas.

 Utenos Trikotažas’ store currently under reconstruction on Laisvės alėja, Kaunas will be completely redesigned according to the new concept: the interior, equipment and display of goods are being changed in order to increase the store‘s attractiveness to customers. The concept is intended to be applied to all new stores of the company in the future.

 In addition to modernisation of physical retail stores, at the beginning of 2017 Utenos Trikotažas presented a substantially redesigned online shop. Since then the company‘s customer numbers have grown by more than one-third (35 %), whereas the average basket of an online shopper has increased by nearly one-fifth: from EUR 36.7 to EUR 43.3. 

 Utenos Trikotažas AB is the largest and one of the most modern jersey production companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Utenos Trikotažas group of companies which also includes Šatrija, Gotija and Mrija (the Ukraine) forms part of SBA Concern. In the first three quarters of 2017, the company’s sales income totalled EUR 16 million and the group’s operating profit before tax was EUR 420,000. Utenos Trikotažas AB is the owner of Utena and About retail trademarks.


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