Published: 2017-09-01 15:52:22 CEST
Latvijas Gāze
Notice to general meeting

Latvijas Gāze, JSC: Announcement of Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders

The Board of the Joint Stock Company “Latvijas Gāze” based on the request of the shareholder Public Joint Stock Company „Gazprom” calls up and announces that the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of the JSC “Latvijas Gāze” will take place on 16 November 2017 at the premises of the JSC „Latvijas Gāze”, 20 Vagonu iela, Riga. The beginning of the meeting is scheduled at 12.00 p.m. The registration for the meeting opens at 11.30 a.m.

         Vinsents Makaris
         Head of investor relations
         Phone: + (371) 67 369 144