Published: 2017-04-06 15:22:43 CEST
Siguldas CMAS
Decisions of general meeting

Siguldas CMAS JSC Draft Resolutions to the Regular Shareholders’ Meeting on 21 April 2017

 1. To approve the reports of the Company’s Management Board and the Supervisory Board on the Annual Report for the Year 2016.

2. To approve the Annual Report for the Year 2016.

3. To pay as dividends 63 366.00 EUR from the retained earnings of 850 184.99 EUR carried forward from previous years, which is 0.15 EUR per share. To retain the earnings of the reporting year 85 322.06 EUR. To set 15 May 2017 as the dividend calculation date and 22 May 2017 as the dividend payment date.

4. To discharge the members of the Management Board, the members of the Supervisory Board and the auditor from responsibility for action in the year 2016 and to resign from bringing claims against them.

5. To elect certified auditor Vija Dzene (certificate No. 108, V. Dzenes Audits Ltd, license No. 120) as the auditor. To confirm the remuneration of 1 600.00 EUR for the auditor for the audit of the Annual Report for the Year 2017, applicable to VAT under the effective legislation.

6. To elect the Supervisory Board of five members for a three-year term and to approve the remuneration of EUR 150.00 per month to each member of the Supervisory Board.

7. To assign the performing of the functions of the audit committee to the Supervisory Board for a three-year term without any additional remuneration.

The Management Board of the Joint Stock Company ‘Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija’

         Valda Mālniece
         Manager of the Financial and Accounting department, member of the Management Board