Published: 2017-03-27 13:34:22 CEST
Baltic Dairy Board
Inside information

Changed - the coupon payment on 28 April 2017

Due to the fact that the company Baltic Dairy Board Ltd. has started milk protein powder export to USA, the necessity of the company for current assets has increased, therefore the coupon payment on 28 April 2017, in compliance with Clause 3.5, would  make the money flow of the enterprise more difficult.

The following decision was made:

  1. Not to pay out the coupon payment of 28 April 2017,
  2. Starting from 28 April 2017, increase the nominal value of one bond to 1 188,10 EUR (one thousand one hundred eighty eight euros and 10 cents).

         Ilona Kazaka
         Member of the Board
         Phone:+ 371 28344991