Avaldatud: 2016-07-01 12:14:19 CEST
Linda Nektar

Market making agreement signed by AS Linda Nektar

July 1st, 2016

AS Linda Nektar (‘The Company’) has signed an agreement (‘Agreement’) with AS LHV Pank (‘LHV’) to undertake market making in its shares effective from today. The key terms of this Agreement are as follows:

·         The term of this Agreement is until 1 July 2017 with the right to extend the period.

·         Maximum Spread. The maximum spread between bid and ask orders shall be 10%, calculated from the bid price.

·         Trading Period. LHV shall ensure that the buy and sell orders shall be placed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement at least within 85% of the time of trading hours at First North.

·         Minimum Daily Order Size. The minimum volume of buy or sell orders (daily minimum Order Size) shall be EUR 500.

·         Maximum Volume. The maximum monetary volume of the transactions executed by LHV under this Agreement per each trading day at Nasdaq Tallinn shall be EUR 2500 (i.e. five times the daily minimum order size). If this limit is reached, LHV shall be entitled to cancel all bid and ask orders placed for the remainder of that trading day.

·         Withdrawal of Orders. LHV shall be entitled to withdraw ask and bid orders or either of these if the market price of the share of The Company fluctuates over 5% either way if compared to the closing price of the previous trading day at Nasdaq Tallinn or the previous transaction executed by LHV in accordance with the Agreement.


AS Linda Nektar is an Estonian-based beverage company with origins in the 1940s. The company is providing fermented beverages for the drinks industry focusing on unpacked fruit wines under a Business-to-Business model. The company’s production facility is located in a logistically favourable position relative to the Baltic and Northern European markets.

Extensive R&D efforts have led to breakthroughs in the field of aroma stripping and recovery and this, along with the planned geographical expansion, will be the key focal points in the coming years.

The shares of Linda Nektar are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Baltic First North Market.

The Certified Adviser for AS Linda Nektar is AS LHV Pank

         Information prepared by:
         Kadri Rauba
         AS Linda Nektar
         Address: Kobela Borough, Antsla vald, 66407 Võrumaa, Estonia
         Phone: +372 785 5768
         E-mail: info@lindanektar.ee