Published: 2016-03-01 08:47:12 CET
Moda Kapitāls
Financial Statement Release

CORRECTION: JSC "Moda kapitals" unaudited results for the 12 month of 2015.

JSC "Moda kapitals" unaudited finansial results of year 2015: Neto loses 101.852,00 EUR (2014: Neto loses 130.992,00 EUR) Neto revenue 1.095.964,00 (2014: Neto revenue 1.090.211,00 EUR )

Correction was made in order to add Financial Statement in English version.

The principal activity of AS Moda Kapitals (further - Company) is issuance of short-term loans against a pledge of movable  property, real estate and issuance of consumer loans, as well as trading of precious metals and little-used wide range of home appliances and electronics.

After the evaluation of the 2015 statistics results the conclusion is that there has been increase in the number of some of the crediting services types, but decrease noted in the other part. At the same time interest of clients in the goods available for sale keeps growing.

The permanent customer base using the services of the  Company be it a credit drawn up or purchase of the goods available for sale is regularly expanding.
Also the number of the credit liabities issued against the movable estate pledges during the second part of the 2015 has increased significantly, at the same time the number of loans against the real estate has decreased. 

Company is estimating that in the nearest future a more significant share in the enterprises credit portfolio will be devoted to consumer credits that are to be issued to customers without a pledge security.

         Guntars Zvinis
         Member of the Board
         JSC Moda Kapitals

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