Breakthrough for new Swedish media company
— multimillion pound contract in London

The Swedish media company DHJ Media AB, in a consortium with four British players, has signed a 12-year agreement with London Underground in what is regarded as being the largest ever digital project for information and advertising in real time. The total contract is worth in the region of SEK 7 – 8 thousand million.

DHJ has developed the Outdoor Evolution digital system; large digital billboards that replace traditional paper posters. The system is patented in many parts of the world.

The agreement with London Underground was signed on Friday by DHJ and the other parties; TDI Advertising Ltd (who sell advertising space in the new system on behalf of London Underground), Citylink Telecommunication Ltd and Thales Telecommunication Services Ltd. The two latter provide broadband and technical solutions.

"The technology has shown it is capable of living up to great international expectations. For DHJ, the contract is worth somewhere in the region of SEK 1.5 – 2 thousand million," says Company Chairman Sören Gyll. "This is a tremendous achievement for such a young company. Of all the new companies I’ve had contact with within high-tech and media, DHJ belongs to those with the greatest international potential."

"The contract is a tremendous achievement for Swedish technological development within digital image processing," says DHJ’s Managing Director Per Johnsson. "Outdoor Evolution is the advertising billboard of the future. We believe there will be a rapid transition from paper posters to digital advertising in real time. It will bring about a totally new form of advertising in underground railways and airports in the future."

DHJ is now working on a large number of underground railways and airports around the world where the newly patented technology has already met with great interest.

"Because we have patent rights to Outdoor Evolution in a large number of countries and because we are one of the few companies in the world that can provide advertisers with a concept of advertising in real time, the market is enormous. The future is undeniably bright for DHJ thanks to the breakthrough provided by the contract with London Underground," continues Per Johnsson. "Our success paves the way for continued sales of the system to other underground operators, airports, shopping centres and places that attract a lot of people."

DHJ was founded five years ago by Mats Dahlgren, Mats Hylin and Joakim Jonason and large amounts have been invested in developing the Outdoor Evolution media concept. Advertisers will be able to mass communicate in real time outdoors in digital networks. For example, a TV station can advertise the evening’s film; a newspaper can sell the current news, etc. – patented over large parts of the world!

Industrivärden, one of the joint owners of the Company, foresees good future prospects following the success in London.

"We have played an active owner role in DHJ Media since the Company was founded in 1996 and we believe very strongly in the Company’s unique systems solution," says Carl-Olof By, Managing Director of Industrivärden.

At present, Outdoor Evolution is installed at Arlanda Airport, Arlanda Express and has featured at London City Airport for the past two years. The image quality, stills as well as motion, is of a very high standard. The opportunity to change the message in the advertisement and direct it at specific consumer groups at specific times on selected platforms or gates has proven to be highly effective.

During the first year beginning in 2001, DHJ and Thales Telecommunication will install around 100 digital billboards in London’s underground stations. The first will be ready for use some time during 2002. A total of 400 billboards, each measuring 4 x 3 metres, will be installed.

"London’s underground stations are very special and are a challenge for our system. The walls are arched so our projectors require suitable technology in order to project the images onto the similarly arched billboards opposite the platforms. But we have managed very well, the images and message come across perfectly," concludes Per Johnsson.




Venue: DHJ Media AB, Kungsgatan 42 in Stockholm

Time: 14.00

Participants: Representatives for DHJ Media AB, London Underground Ltd and AB Industrivärden – a major shareholder in DHJ.

DHJ Media AB’s business concept is digital advertising in real time. The Company has offices in Stockholm, London and New York and employs around 25 people. The largest owners are Industrivärden, the three founders, Joakim Jonason, Mats Dahlgren and Mats Hylí as well as, Praktikerinvest and Skandia.

For further information:
Please visit our homepage or phone Per Johnsson, Managing Director of DHJ Media AB. Phone: +46 8-58 77 15 00 or 070-877 15 16.

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